Side Runner



Side Runner is an indie game made by Javin. The game is about robots on 2 different teams,

Goliath And Dawn,  These teams are tech industries fighting to be the best, but things got out of hand 

and the entire town of Sidetopia has to evacuate.

In Side Runner you can 1v1, 2v2, 3v3,4v4 and 8v8 random players or just friends,

In Side Runner you are put in a battlefield that is randomly chose or selectively picked,

There is also a tutorial map which is really small and the tutorial takes around 2 minutes or you can just skip it and if you do on accident no worries you can go back to it in the lobby.

In Side runner you can choose over 20 weapons and 3 melees, there is also special weapons for example the Bow And Arrow, with all these guns there is also armor to go along with it.

The game is won by the last person on a team standing.

Have Fun An Stay Awesome

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